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I’m pleased that you’re here, this site was built for you, the avid techy interested in earning more about the devices around us. If you know your router well you could do amazing things like building up your own personal cloud, how awesome would that be? Imagine having a Cloud for your family to use for easy sharing and viewing that covers your whole home and on which you have total control over. This is just one such example but if you tag along you will find out more for sure.

Where do I go next?

About DontBreakThe.Net is a Technology site built by James Agar around his passion for electronic devices and all things in ‘Tech’.

Who Is James Agar?

James is a Digital Nomad who loves to travel and works on a number of web projects for his clients. You never know when he’ll pack his bag and move to another city or even another country. His main interests are with anything that has a circuitboard and runs on electricity.

“Since I was a kid when I had an electronic device in my hands I would turn it on all sides and enjoy looking at all the details trying to understand all of its features. It wasn’t much until I started opening things up to look inside. In the beginning, I broke everything but when I was a little older I actually managed to build my own radio from scratch. I believe that this passion surged while looking at my father work on different things. He was an electronics technician.”

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